Suicide Prevention Education

Since the passage of legislation in 2014 mandating 6 hours of mandatory CME in suicide prevention (against which WSSA strongly lobbied), the Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) and Department of Health have been holding hearings and taking comments on the rulemaking. MQAC recently released the final rule which "exempts any licensed physician from the training requirements...if the physician has only brief or limited patient contact, or no patient contact." This result allows physician anesthesiologists to opt out of this mandatory one-time training if they in fact have limited patient contact.

WSSA encourages its members to follow their conscience when deciding whether to take this training based on the patient population that they see.

Please note: WSSA is not hosting Suicide Prevention Education sessions. If you have any questions, please inquire with the organization hosting it identified in the first column of the chart below. 

Online Sessions

Company Course Name Credits Learn More
 NetCE  Depression and Suicide  15
 Hatherleigh  Suicide: Prevention & Clinical Issues, Digital Edition  10
 Zur Institute  Suicide: Assessment, Treatment and Prevention  7
 QPR Institute  Suicide Prevention Training for Physicians  6
 J&K Seminars  Suicide Assessment and Management  6
 Quantum Units  Suicide Prevention, Treatment and Support  6


In Person Sessions

Company Course Name Credits Location Learn More
WSPA Training in Suicide Care for Physicians 6 Seattle
Cascadia Training Recognition, Assessment, & Treatment of Suicidality 6 Tacoma
Wellspring Family Services Working with Suicidal Clients 6 Seattle
Critical Concepts Consulting Assessment, Treatment & Management of Suicide 6 Vancouver
Crisis Clinic Suicide Assessment, Intervention & Treatment 6 Renton