About the WSSA

Founded in 1948, the WSSA was formed to advance the science and art of anesthesiology, and to stimulate interest and promote progress in that specialty. It is a Washington State Non-profit Corporation, and is a component society of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

What's New

WSSA Delegates at the 2015 ASA Legislative Visits in Washington DC

WSSA/ASA Unified Dues Billing

The WSSA has moved to unified dues billing and membership application through the ASA Member Services Office. Further information regarding joining ASA and membership benefits can be found here. Please contact ASA Member Services at 847-825-5586 or the WSSA Office at 206-209-5266 with any questions.

We hope this makes renewing your professional partnership easier and less time consuming! Thank you for your continued support of the WSSA and ASA.


The WSSA's Fall Scientific Meeting will be held Saturday, September 12th, 2015 at the 
Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle.

The WSSA's Joint Winter Scientific Meeting will be held December 4-6th, 2015 at the 
Renaissance Hotel Seattle in Seattle, WA.

More information coming soon!