Board of Directors




President Daniela Alexianu, MD 2016
Vice President Aparna Ananth, MD 2016
Secretary Robert Hsiung, MD 2016
Treasurer Loren Monson, MD 2016
Past President M. Sean Kincaid, MD 2016

Executive Director


Louise Miller, CAE  

Delegates to ASA

District Director Peter Dunbar, MD 2016
Alternate District Director
and Delegate 1
Mark Flanery, MD 2016
Delegate 2 James Stangl, MD 2016
Delegate 3 Vita Pliskow, MD 2016
Delegate 4 Robert Hsiung, MD 2017
Delegate 5 James Burkman, MD 2015
Delegate 6 John Bramhall, MD 2015
Delegate 7 Daniela Alexianu, MD 2015
Delegate 8 M. Sean Kincaid, MD 2017

Delegate 9


Aparna Ananth, MD 2015

State District Directors

District 1 M. Sean Kincaid, MD 2017
  Michael Podell, MD 2015
  Aparna Ananth, MD 2016
Assistant State District Director William Mondzac, MD 2016
District 2 Loren Monson, MD 2015
Assistant State District Director Ross Wagner, MD 2016
District 3 Kelly Jones, MD 2016

WSMA Delegate


James Burkman, MD 2016


Section on Education Chair Co-Chairs Robert Hsiung, MD  
  David Wright, MD  

Resident Section (Non-Voting)

Rebecca House-Wood, MD